I am a classy lady with distinguished tastes. Let me rephrase that comment, without bourbon running through my veins tempting me to eat at shopping mall buffets; I am a classy lady with distinguished tastes. When I think of buffet meals, I think of the great ones in Vegas and Brazilian steakhouses or the ones that eventually get a sign on the window about a health inspection closing. There is no in-between when it comes to buffets. You either drop some cash or save money and find yourself running to the nearest Rutter’s restroom on the drive home.  York Buffet in East York defies that logic and understanding of buffets for me on an eye-opening scale. At $29 for two people with tip, it’s a steal and worth every penny.

The Service:
I stopped in for the first time on a, “I am so hungry from shopping all afternoon at Pier One” whim right when dinner buffet was starting. I am greeted and shown to a table by a very shy yet grateful young woman who didn’t speak much English. The wait staff was pleasant as much to as expected for a Chinese food buffet. You’re not going to find any southern hospitality here, but you will find a decent meal that’s more affordable than Chinese food take-out.

The Eats:
The food selections were plentiful, and for a buffet place, it was very clean. The bar had fresh Asian and American food options that ranged from pizza, French fries, chicken tenders, Chinese food, crab legs, various seafood, Asian fusion, hibachi, and a cold salad and dessert bar. The sushi was acceptable and prepared freshly right there as you watch with a meticulous and judgmental eye. Lots of Asian soups like hot and sour and egg drop as well if you’re into that sort of buffet kink. I was surprised with the dim sum and Korean BBQ selections on the bar.

The Eating:
I loaded up my plate with some noodles, Chinese food, egg rolls, and different seafood. The stuffed shrimp, shrimp toast, and crawfish tasted weird. With a bit of distraction to my dining partner and sneaky decorum, like the classy bitch that I am I spit all the shrimp products into a napkin. I liked to think I was smart in my moments of regurgitation, but the pile of napkins and my inability to point towards random things across the room eventually got me found out. I had to admit that the shrimp products tasted weird, and my foodborne illness paranoia was getting the best of me.