One cannot help but feel like a gangster when eating at The Left Bank in Downtown York, one of York’s most popular fine dining restaurant.

The Atmosphere
The décor is elegant, pristine, and reminds me of a speakeasy era where organized crime lords met for good food and drinks. The white table clothes, sparkling table water, bread basket, bourbon drinks and delicious dishes help with that feeling of an impressive superiority. Dress is pretty casual I’ve seen with some patrons in jeans and t-shirts, but if you’re there to ritz it up and have a special dinner, I highly suggest blocking out those plebeians.

The Service
This place makes you feel like you’re special regardless if you’re not really all that special. The several times I’ve been here; the owner personally greeted my party at the door and also wished us a pleasant evening as we departed. The servers are polished and seasoned, which makes for the dining experience to feel high-end. Nothing is out of place. Everything is spot on. It is clear they are there to make sure you’re a happy diner. All that is missing is an annoying bell to ring for your servant.

The Food
Some of the best appetizers, entrees, and desserts I’ve encountered can be found here. I always start off for the table the Warm Brie Cheese Brûlée and the Oysters on 1/2 Shell. Entrée, I usually get the scallops (pictured) and they are always perfectly cooked and paired with excellent side choices. Dessert, my go-to is the flourless chocolate cake because nothing makes me feel like I am eating healthy like the words “gluten-free.”