Imagine walking through a dark parking lot and thinking you’re off to an excellent culinary adventure, but then are suddenly robbed where you willfully bend over, have your dignity taken, and then hand over your hard earned money. That’s what one should expect when visiting The Boathouse in Canton.

The Atmosphere
The real dangers of the city are not found on the streets, but rather here in the pretentious boater land of overpriced mediocre dishes, salmon-coloured-clad boaters, rude hostesses, and slow kitchen service. This restaurant has a fine dining price tag and a cafeteria-like service and atmosphere. The idea is in the right place, good oysters, but seriously lacks proper management.

The Service
The lack of the restaurant management is evident by the wild look on the waitstaff’s faces as you hear them trying to apologize to their tables for the absentee management and under skilled kitchen staff. This place was clearly set up like an assembly line of stealing people’s money while making their dining experience the worst imaginable.

The Eating
Upon arriving after making a reservation, the hostess was screaming over the┬átop of loud patrons to come back in a minute because they are running behind. What? I thought this was a restaurant? No apology? Just leave and come back? Weird. When we do come back in 15-minutes, she tells us there’s a 45-minute wait for a table outside, or we can be seated immediately inside. I knew then that even making a reservation didn’t grant me any special treatment that thanked me for researching, carefully selecting, and choosing to eat at this restaurant over the 50 others in the area. My “reserved” table was right in front of a door that looked like a table they picked up a local flea market and shoved it in the middle of a walkway as a way to taunt the local fire chief. 15 minutes later water arrives with our waitress. Oysters take forever and informed that for the expansive size of this restaurant, there’s one guy shucking oysters on a Saturday night. When they do arrive, the oysters are good, but lacking the essential side of horseradish — I didn’t care at this point. Finally, 2.5hrs later after arriving we pay and leave vowing never to return.