Oh, Masa, I keep trying to quit you like a bad for your body casual relationship, but can’t because I’m powerless to your sushi seductions!  Consistent and comfortable is what I would call Masa Bistro in kind of North York City. If you haven’t been here yet, you need to experience the delicious awesomeness that is Masa.

The Atmosphere
I once contemplated showing up here in my slippers and snazzy Boston terrier PJ set as Masa is my home away from home. My waistline was supporting this statement when I use to eat here every Friday. The place is well-liked, but even on a busy Saturday night, I always have a table for me and my dining guest(s) with minimal wait. I like to think my zero delay is because I am special and tip well, but I attribute it to the amazing service and excellent table turnover rate. The atmosphere is a cross between that hole-in-the-wall sushi café and a hipster mecca of farm-to-table dining. You’ll see unique people watching here as the clientele is a mixture of professionals, rednecks, and kids who want to be desperately at Coachella.

The Service
Everyone helps out each other, so you’re not looking for your waiter all the time just to get another drink. The mentality of being “in it together” is what makes this place run remarkably smooth and error-free. There are times you get a newbie and have to shout in English extra loud, but usually, you’ll get an experienced server to crosscheck their tables.

The Eats
The sushi rolls are constantly changing and evolving depending upon the season and sushi chef. I would place them at the high-quality end of rolls I’ve had at other sushi restaurants. The drinks are fantastic, and Diane makes an effort to keep her daily drink special updated, fun and keeping with trends. I had a Star Wars themed drink here once, and it came with a “lightsaber” garnish. I felt the dark side take over.