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Logan’s Roadhouse – West York City

I always wanted to be a cowboy. I even ride on a steel horse blasting Isobel Campbell through the mean streets of Thomasville like I am in an episode of Firefly – the best sci-fi western IMHO. I knew the final nail into my sassy cowgirl street cred coffin would be dining at Logan’s Roadhouse in West York City (insert whip sound). The Atmosphere When you walk into Logan’s Roadhouse, you’re greeted with country music and enough peanuts to feed a circus full of hungry elephants if you should desire. I thought that if I were homeless and hungry,...

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Masa Bistro – North York City

Oh, Masa, I keep trying to quit you like a bad for your body casual relationship, but can’t because I’m powerless to your sushi seductions!  Consistent and comfortable is what I would call Masa Bistro in kind of North York City. If you haven’t been here yet, you need to experience the delicious awesomeness that is Masa. The Atmosphere I once contemplated showing up here in my slippers and snazzy Boston terrier PJ set as Masa is my home away from home. My waistline was supporting this statement when I use to eat here every Friday. The place is well-liked,...

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The Boathouse in Canton

Imagine walking through a dark parking lot and thinking you’re off to an excellent culinary adventure, but then are suddenly robbed where you willfully bend over, have your dignity taken, and then hand over your hard earned money. That’s what one should expect when visiting The Boathouse in Canton. The Atmosphere The real dangers of the city are not found on the streets, but rather here in the pretentious boater land of overpriced mediocre dishes, salmon-coloured-clad boaters, rude hostesses, and slow kitchen service. This restaurant has a fine dining price tag and a cafeteria-like service and atmosphere. The idea...

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York Buffet – East York City

I am a classy lady with distinguished tastes. Let me rephrase that comment, without bourbon running through my veins tempting me to eat at shopping mall buffets; I am a classy lady with distinguished tastes. When I think of buffet meals, I think of the great ones in Vegas and Brazilian steakhouses or the ones that eventually get a sign on the window about a health inspection closing. There is no in-between when it comes to buffets. You either drop some cash or save money and find yourself running to the nearest Rutter’s restroom on the drive home.  York Buffet...

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1700 Steakhouse – Harrisburg

1700 Steakhouse in Harrisburg is a place to wallow in a wine-induced evening of gluttony. I ventured into this beautiful establishment with the intention of getting filled with delicious beef and drinking wine to excess. I even got a room at the hotel so I could wallow in my gluttony without having to drive an hour back home. My experience here comes with mixed feelings that are very similar to my first long-term relationship: Loving the experience while thinking it’s an overpriced waste of my time. The Setup: The restaurant is nicely decorated, despite its small size, with a...

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