1700 Steakhouse in Harrisburg is a place to wallow in a wine-induced evening of gluttony. I ventured into this beautiful establishment with the intention of getting filled with delicious beef and drinking wine to excess. I even got a room at the hotel so I could wallow in my gluttony without having to drive an hour back home. My experience here comes with mixed feelings that are very similar to my first long-term relationship: Loving the experience while thinking it’s an overpriced waste of my time.

The Setup:
The restaurant is nicely decorated, despite its small size, with a unique and beautiful decor that’s a cross between city posh and a wine cellar. There’s also great lighting that’ll make even the worse bad skin day look great. I loved eating my meal and drinking my wine as I watched the homeless people outside of the window thinking to myself, “well that sucks, but damn this wine is delicious!”

The Eating:
I ordered a bone marrow appetizer with quail egg to start -delicious! My entrée I ordered a burger, medium-rare. Unfortunately, what I received for a meal was a hockey puck on a hard bun. I remember waiting awhile for this burger and not seeing my waitress so I could complain. Because fo that waiting, I choked it down with their delicious red wine. Marketing as grass-fed all natural locally raised, I am better than you type of beef, it was a crime that it was burned and overcooked so badly. I felt duped. I am on the fence about returning considering the food options in the area for similar cuisine are plenty. What I do know is that if I should decide to return, I will not get the burger.